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Privacy Policy

Last updated: July, 2021


We know your privacy is important to you and rest assured, it’s important to us too.

Our Privacy Policy applies to all User Information (outlined in our Terms & Conditions) that is collected through the use of our website with URL addresses and, email, social media and other communication avenues. The terms ‘Seamstop’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘we’ refers to Seamstop Pty Ltd, the owner of the website. The terms ‘you’ or ‘your’ refers to the user of this website. 

This Privacy Policy addresses our practices and how we use and collect your User Information when using our website and services. The continual use of our website is regarded as your acceptance of this Privacy Policy, in addition to our Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, we cannot provide you with our services and you must cease access to the website.

1. User Information we collect

1.1. We reserve the right to maintain, store and use any User Information or data where we deem reasonable in order to comply with any legal or regulatory obligations, to prevent unlawful activity or to conduct business. With the continual use of our website and services, you expressly consent to the use of your User Information for the provision of services in accordance with our terms.

1.2. Submitted User Information. We collect all User Information that you provide to us via the use of our website, services and by other means of contact by you to us. Such User Information includes your first name, last name, organisation, email address, phone or mobile number, address and any relevant data provided to us. 

1.3. Private messages. The exchange of private messages between you and us for the purpose of carrying out our services will be stored to help us improve the quality of our services in the future. 

1.4. Automatically collected User Information. Automatically collected User Information refers to the data collected pertaining to your device and its software when you access our website and services. This data includes but is not limited to your IP address, device type, platform type and date and time stamp. Also note, that data like your IP address can be used to approximate your device’s location. 

1.5. Google Analytics. Seamstop uses Google Analytics and it’s statistical data to optimise the delivery of our website and services. Google Analytics assists us by recording the number of users who have visited, the number of pages viewed, navigation patterns and dates and times of your visit/s through cookies. We also use Google Analytics to partner with third parties and advertise online. To learn more about Google Analytics and your data, click here.

1.6. Cookies. “Cookies” is information stored by a uses’ browser while the user browses a website. We may use cookies to improve our website and services by creating a more user-friendly and efficient user experience.

2. Using your User Information

2.1. Using User Information. Your User Information as outlined in our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy will be used for purposes such as:

a) Provision of our services;

b) Registering your user account and to verify your age or identity;

c) Facilitate payment and processing via third party gateways and alternative payment methods (such as Paypal);

d) Facilitate the delivery of our services to you (such as providing your necessary User Information to our shipping providers);

e) To provide communication between you and us regarding announcements, updates, security alerts, technical notices, our services, promotions, marketing and other general inquiries;

f) To provide notifications to you regarding order confirmations, issues, updates and administrative topics;

g) For analysis, monitoring, development, optimisation and improvement of our website and services;

h) For security purposes, such as to protect our services and property from abuse, fraud, malicious, unauthorised access or potentially illegal activities, and to protect our rights, safety and property and that of our users including you;

i) To create marketing content which may be used on the website and other social platforms (applicable only to companies, and individuals with prior consent);

j) Other purposes with your prior consent;

2.2. Sharing User Information. There may arise circumstances where the sharing of your User Information is required by law such as to comply with laws and regulations, warrants and other requests for information directed by law. The sharing of User Information may also occur when dealing with our subsidiaries and affiliates in order to provide our services to you.

3. Retaining User Information

3.1. Retaining User Information. By using our website and services, you consent and agree to the retention of your collected User Information beyond the provision of your desired service. Your User Information may be used for the purposes stated in the “How do we use your User Information” section above.

4. Storing and protecting your User Information

4.1. Storing and Protecting User Information. Your collected User Information is transferred and stored electronically via a secure SSL connection, in secured, password-protected servers located in Australia. You agree and consent to Seamstop storing your User Information on such servers.

5. Who has access to your User Information

5.1. Access to User Information. Your User Information is accessible to our employees, contractors and our third-party providers such as our website host and technical providers. 

5.2. Risks. You agree and understand that the transmission of User Information over the internet is at your own risk and you should only ever transmit your User Information to our services within a secure environment.

6. Accessing and updating your User Information

6.1. User rights. You have the right to access, modify and delete your User Information, with the understanding that these actions may result in us being unable to provide you with our services. We reserve the right to refuse access if the law permits us to do so, in which case, we will provide an explanation for our reasoning as required by law. To access, modify or delete your User Information, please feel free to email us at

7. Third party websites and Social media

7.1. Limits of our Privacy Policy. Any and all third party links to third party websites and social media platforms are operated separately from Seamstop and are governed by their own terms & conditions and privacy policy. You agree and acknowledge that we do not have control over, and shall not be liable for, the privacy practices or content of these third party websites and social media platforms. It is your sole responsibility to familiarise yourself with the privacy policy and practices of such third party websites and social media platforms.

8. Amendments to our Privacy Policy

8.1. Amendments. We reserve the right to amend our Privacy Policy at any given time to reflect changes in our User Information practices. If these changes are deemed substantial, we may notify you via email and/ or by providing notices on our website, but it is your sole responsibility to remain up to date with our changes by reviewing this page prior to the use of our services. 

8.2. Disagreement. If you do not agree with the amendments to our Privacy Policy, we will be unable to provide you with our services. You must then cease access to the website.

9. Contact us

9.1. For further inquiries regarding our Privacy Policy or general privacy practices, please feel free to contact us here or email us at